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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Putting A Little Spring In Tulsa's Local Economy

Officially Spring will not start in Tulsa (and apparently elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere) until March 20th, but there is just something about turning the calendar page over and seeing the month of March that reminds you Spring is closer than it has been all year long. I must admit that I am officially looking forward to the collection of outdoor events that take place in Tulsa during the ever approaching warmer months. The Momentum OKC Art Show is taking place this weekend, and though it is hosted indoors, it has caused my brain to wander off into the land of Farmers Markets, Mayfest, The Blue Dome Arts Festival and the second annual Art And Soul Of Tulsa festival hosted by "Local Art Matters" in the Brady Arts District.

 I know it's a little early to be longing for summer and spring activities when it's only been "March" for 10 hours, but I heard something on NPR this morning that made my brain shift modes. I will stay far from ranting, but the long and short of my thought process consisted of this: "Our economy (locally and nationally) is largely comprised of purchasing goods from elsewhere, and selling them to each other for a profit." It seems to be a losing battle that is constantly fought uphill when we try to grow our local economy by selling outsiders items to each other...think about it. There are obviously times when this cannot be avoided, but there could be instances when we have no idea what we are missing out on. If you come across a local business, or an individual that is making and selling right here in T-Town let me know, I would love to start a collective list. Locally grown produce or art created by the hands of a Tulsa resident are only the tip of the "Made in Tulsa, Sold in Tulsa" iceberg, and that's a reason we can all say "iDigTulsa".

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  1. Full disclosure, I have a financial interest in the success of the company, but as a coffee addict I can't help but suggest Topeca. The company is locally owned, and all of the beans are roasted right here in Tulsa.