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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Local Artists Representing Tulsa At Momentum 2011 In OKC

Momentum: Art Doesn't Stand Still  
Twice a year the Oklahoma Visual Arts Collation (OVAC) hosts the Momentum Art Exhibition, in Tulsa during the month of October and in Oklahoma City during the month of March. Starting this Friday at 8:00pm the OKC Momentum show kicks off doing what it does best, exclusively highlighting emerging Oklahoma artists 30 years and younger. Over 500 pieces were submitted for consideration to Momentum OKC curators by over 250 Oklahoma artists. After careful consideration by this years curators the exhibition will feature 128 pieces of unique art created by 93 equally unique Oklahoma artists. A collection of local artists are representing the city of Tulsa at this years OKC event, so small in number that you can count them on both hands and still have the ability to give everyone two thumbs up. Make the short drive down the Turnpike and come check out the largest art party in Oklahoma this weekend

Here are just a few of the artists selected for Momentum OKC 2011 that will be representing the city of Tulsa this weekend, track them down and give them a high-five this weekend when you come out to the event.

Cody E. Frusher

Bio: Oklahoma grown native. Lake bum for life. Been drawing since I was 3 I am told. Private art lessons in my youth. Degree in graphic design from OSU-Okmulgee. Currently working as a designer for real estate company. Wanderer & Explorer. Life loving and care free spirited. My current subjects for my painting come straight from my mind. Color is still a learning process with me. Started a blog last year featuring my art. Hope to create a website this year. I am currently in a relationship with Megan Bell who is also in Momentum Spring 2011. I'm always looking to meet other artist, get inspired, and learn new skills. My goal in life is to make my art and bring happiness to others including myself.

Work Being Shown @ Momentum OKC: 
16" x 20" painting "Happy Owl"
About your selected Momentum work: This is a first for a new style I'm working on.
How did you get into your chosen medium: College roommates, who are now good friends.
Have you always lived in Tulsa? No.
If not, what brought you here, when did the move occur? I come from the 'Quah, Tahlequah to be exact. That's not true. I was born and attended schools in Tahlequah, but I grew up on Lake Tenkiller. I moved to Tulsa for career opportunities.

Why do you dig Tulsa? It's just an all around cool city. I think we are on the tipping point of this city really taking off. I'm excited to be a part of it.

May Yang
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Bio: May Yang is a Tulsa based artist and designer. She works primarily with printmaking techniques to produce work that explores her cultural background as well as the environment around her. May graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008 focusing on graphic design and printmaking. While there, she interned for Dolphin Press & Print, the school's print workshop. Continuing her interest in collaborative printmaking, May attended the Tamarind Institute of Lithography in Albuquerque, New Mexico. May is currently (and constantly) working on new artwork. You can find her on Facebook here.

Work Being Shown @ Momentum: "Foundation" It is a mixed media piece consisting of screen print, acrylic, and collage (Pictured Left). 
About your selected Momentum work: It is one of many studies I've been creating in the research and development of a new body of work. The process in creating these new pieces is being featured on the blog, Brown Paper Bag. You can read more about it here.
How did you get into your chosen medium: My interest in screen printing (and consequently, printmaking in general) started in high school when I wanted to make my own t-shirts. The shirts weren't fantastic, but I became fascinated with the process. I took a number of printmaking classes during undergrad and never looked back!
Have you always lived in Tulsa? No, but almost.
If not, what brought you here, when did the move occur? I was born in Minneapolis, but I've lived in Tulsa since I was 3. I believe my parents decided to move to be closer to family and to start their restaurant - Sezchuan Express.
Why do you dig Tulsa? Tulsa will always be home for me. It has this indescribable charm that I've never experienced from other cities. I think Tulsa's on the brink of something exciting and you can often feel that energy

Megan Bell
OVAC Interview: Megan Bell
Bio: I'm an Oklahoma native with a degree in graphic design from OSU. Currently I work in Tulsa as a graphic designer.

Work Being Shown @ Momentum: I have 2 sculptures in Momentum. 
About your selected Momentum work: A deceptively innocent looking Rabbit (Pictured Left) and a sexy but sweet Chipmunk.
How did you get into your chosen medium: I started playing with clay when I was in high school. I would keep my family awake all night pounding out dried clay. My AP art teacher told me I could have as much dried out clay as I wanted and she would fire as many sculptures as I brought to her. I had no problem getting the clay back into a useable state. The possibilities were endless. I put my clay down for a few years to get myself though college and achieve what they call a "real job". I hope to one day make sculpting my "real job". Until then I'll just have to sculpt by night.
Have you always lived in Tulsa? No.
If not, what brought you here, when did the move occur?  Living in Tulsa is the best. I moved to Tulsa 2 years ago from Coweta, OK where I grew up. My goal in moving to Tulsa was to find a unique place to live that was right in the middle of it all. And I did, I found a fabulous 92 year old home in the historic Brady district of Tulsa. My best friend Cody Frusher accompanied me along with 3 dogs and a cat in the Tulsa move.
Why do you dig Tulsa?  Tulsa is truly a vibrant, growing place that is ever changing. I love living in the middle of it, especially the Brady district! Living in Tulsa is the best.

Momentum: Art Doesn't Stand Still - 2011 In OKC
When: Momentum starts Friday, March 4th at 8:00pm and lasts until Midnight. On Saturday the 5th the hours will be the same, with different bands performing each night. The gallery will also be open for viewing March 7th-8th from 5pm to 8pm or by appointment.
Where: Farmer's Public Market located at 
311 S. Klein Ave. - Downtown OKC

Additional Artists: 

 For a full list of information regarding the Momentum event, additional artists selected, directions or to purchase tickets online please visit 

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