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Friday, February 18, 2011

Suffer From ADD? Oscar Nominated Short Films Debut @ Circle Cinema
10 South Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74104
       We all love a good movie and occasionally a bad movie, but some of us are a little more distracted than others when it comes time to focus our attention on only ONE item for longer than 15 minutes. As of today there is a local remedy available for anyone who just can't seem to pay attention to an entire film without pulling out a phone to play with, or day dreaming straight through a plot twist that leaves the rest of the movie as confusing as starting Lost in the middle of season 3.

The 2011 Oscar Nominated Short Films open today at Circle Cinema, with two separate showings, breaking the films into Animated and Live Action sections. The Animated showing runs 85 minutes, and contains 7 separate short films including "Night & Day" which some may have seen accompanied with Toy Story 3. The Live Action showing runs a tremendous 106 minutes and includes 5 short films, the longest of which is 26 minutes long. My wife and I went to the Circle last weekend and watched "The Illusionist", which is a beautifully animated film that can easily hold your attention for the entire 80 minute runtime, ADD or not. Prices and showtimes can be found on the Circle Cinema website, who is a proud but unspoken supporter of individuals afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder, and that's just one reason why iDigTulsa.

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