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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Non-Stop Photography Co-Op - In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Camera bugs: run to photographers' co-op My Photo Studio | Tulsa World

I have always been a huge proponent of Co-Op's. There is something simply fascinating about the idea of the "collective" working towards the good of the "individual" in our modern society, especially if they actually work.

Photo By Amanda Fite: Tulsa World
I'm an even bigger fan of Co-Op's when they exist in an area that I have a vested interest in. Tulsa has now become home to "My Photo Studio", which has nothing to do with "me" even though "my" is in the title. The cleverly named facility will offer paid studio access to members and non-members alike in their new downtown Tulsa facility.

The article lines everything out, but one can only assume that this will be a catalyst to growth in the amateur and semi-professional photography scene in Tulsa. That's just one reason why iDigTulsa.

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